A Daily Ritual

In the last blog I talked to you about the importance of ritual and daily practice. I know that some people may wonder what that looks like in practical reality so I thought I would take some time to share the details of my daily ritual.

Let me start off by saying that I don’t always do every one of these steps every day. It isn’t always realistic to spend hours of my day meditating and going through every step of my ritual. We live in a world in which we are very busy and I am fond of learning how to be present within the energy of that which already exists around us instead of trying to change it. I understand that it is not possible to take time every day to do every one of these things. Some days I will substitute out one step for another or spend a shorter amount of time at my altar. I do try to have a least one or two days a week in which I carry out all of the steps of my ritual. The important part of all of this is to have the daily routine, the ritual. The key word is practice. Our spiritual program becomes refined and stronger when we create a ritual that we practice every day and there really is no substitute for this. If for some reason I miss a day, I remind myself that I am doing the best that I can. There is no measure of perfection here, no judgement, only a commitment to personal growth and self-care. Remember you are already perfect just the way you are. Your best effort, whatever that may look like today, is more than enough

My morning ritual begins with five to ten minutes of quiet coffee time either outside with my tree or tucked away in my office. I need a few minutes to just quietly wake up and breathe and to smell the beauty of coffee. This time usually blends into fifteen to thirty minutes of reading from a text on the subject matter I am currently studying. I firmly believe in building a relationship with the land I live on so I take the time to walk around my yard and to leave offerings at my tree for my Goddess and the spirits who live around me. My ritual includes a devotional practice to my Goddess. My time with Her consists of chants, prayers, and offerings and often it transitions directly into meditation. If I don’t have time to carry out both devotion and meditation, I always make sure to say prayers and give offerings. To paraphrase my friend Lora O’Brien, it is important to let Her know I am showing up every day and I do this by giving offerings.  My Goddess is very persistent with me about exercising and taking care of my body so my daily practice also includes exercise or movement of some kind. To be honest, I could use a little work in staying focused on this but I remain consistent and remind myself that I am doing my best. The last piece of my ritual is my daily food preparation. For me this is an essential component of taking care of my body so I include preparing my food in my daily ritual.

Again, it is not always possible carry out every step of my routine every day. Some days I shorten each step and some days I substitute one piece of my routine for another. For example some days instead of giving offerings, I make sure to read. Some days I only have time to carry out my devotional practice and not to exercise. I hope this is helpful for those looking for a way to build their daily ritual. I would love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you have about this. Feel free to email me about any of the information I have included this newsletter or any of the previous newsletter topics.

The Importance of Ritual and Daily Practice

Most often when we hear the word ritual we think of an elaborate ceremony carried about by witches or priests and ritual is that but more simply it is the act of repeating an action over and over again.  Ritual can be defined as an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner. Why is ritual important and why are we talking about it in relationship to your daily practice?

It is important to create a ritual, to carry out a set of repeated steps on a daily basis, in order to develop a strong, safe spiritual practice. Our spiritual program may be a simple practice of self-care, it may include yoga and meditation, or it made include devotional relationship with a diety. Whatever the case maybe our ritual, our daily practice, is our foundation for maintaining a healthy spiritual practice.

Our daily practice should be our spiritual or energetic martial art. It is the same concept. In martial arts we are taught to repeat a form or movement over and over again until it becomes so ingrained that it is second nature. Our daily practice should be the same. We create a ritual out of our practice of self-care, out of our spiritual practice, out of our devotion to our gods. Create a pattern of carrying out the same actions over and over again until they become second nature. The more we do this, the stronger our practice will become. Our spiritual practice will become second nature and therefore it will be easier to access in times of need. The ritual of daily practice can be tedious. It may seem overwhelming and exhausting at first but it will become easier overtime.

As we train out spiritual muscles we also become aligned with our own intuition. We begin to understand our own unique patterns and gifts. The more time we spend in our ritual, the more we come to know the essence of who we are and the more open we become to the wisdom of the universe. When we carry out a daily ritual we teach our bodies to know that we are making time to care for them. Our ritual will also train our bodies to rest, to be calm, to reset in times of need. Ritual becomes our safe place. It is the place we come back to when our life has become imbalanced, when we have experienced pain or grief, when daily living has become hectic, when we have gotten lost in the search for more. Return to the ritual. Return to the safety of daily practice.

The ritual of daily practice is an essential component of my personal spiritual program and my program of self-care. In the next blog, I will share examples of what my ritual looks like.

August's Promise

Take a deep breath. Take a moment to feel your breath moving inside of you, to feel the beating of your heart. As you breathe out release all that you hold inside. In this moment, this place right now, you are all that you need to be. You have spent this year working to free yourself of beliefs, fears, and relationships that no longer define you. You have spent this year finding out the truth of who you are. Every time you learned something new or took the next step you found out there was that much more to work through. This year has moved faster and had you digging deeper than you could have imagined was possible. And there is more to come.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed and it’s ok to feel like you are falling apart. It might even feel like something is breaking inside. It is. You are the planted seed. You have fought your way through the darkness, through the soil, through the tangled roots of others and you have burst forth into the light. You have emerged into your new life. You might not realize it yet, but with courage and perseverance you have faced your fears and self-doubt. You have started to shed the beliefs of others who made you believe that you needed to be more than you already are. You are finally beginning to know deep within you that you are already perfect, that it is your birthright to love and be loved exactly as you are.  

Breathe deeply and feel the promise I speak to you. I promise you, you are more than worth it. You deserve all that you have ever wanted. You deserve to be loved wholly and completely as you are right now. There is not a thing you need to do to become more than you already are. There is no measure of perfection. You are already perfect. No matter who you are, no matter what you believe, no matter what. All that you have done, all the work, the tears, the sleepless nights, the pain, all of it has brought you right back to this truth. Your journey through your darkness has returned you back to the truth of yourself and for just one moment, this moment, know you are complete. You are the light you’ve been searching for.

A Spiral Chakra Meditation

The Spiral is a symbol sacred to many cultures across the globe. When we walk the spiral path, we move deeper into ourselves to free energy that may be stuck within our energy body.  Inspired by a piece of the book, The Celtic Chakras by Ellen Sentier, and by my own work with Reiki and the Chakras, this meditation will guide you along a spiral path through the chakras to bring cleansing balance to your energy body.

To begin the meditation, bring your awareness to your heart center and imagine that you are moving either clockwise or counter-clockwise down into your solar plexus. From here allow yourself to rest and let the meditation guide you.

Reiki Is...

Reiki is done by placing the hands on the body or over the body in a series of positions. Reiki energy flows through the practitioner into the person receiving Reiki. Reiki adjusts itself to the needs of the recipient and healing occurs on all levels.

Physically, Reiki is beneficial because it supports the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki energy allows muscles to relax. It increases blood flow, by increasing energy flow, to treated areas which quickens the healing process. By stimulating the body’s healing processes Reiki can relieve stress, headaches, and insomnia. It can also assist with pain relief.

Reiki can be beneficial emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. Reiki promotes peace, grace, and serenity while providing an overall sense of relaxation. It can be used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and facilitate the release of anger, worry, and sorrow. Reiki can be used to remove negative energy and harmful attachments. It can also enhance the spiritual experience.

There is no limit to the use of Reiki. It is the flow of life itself.