Izzy does some amazing work on a soul level. She's not your average reiki master and will know how to best work with you in order to give you the best reiki or channeling experience (or whatever modality is being used for a specific instance) that you need as an individual. I also highly recommend her teaching services, group or individual levels.
Highly recommend her services! 



Izzy is the real deal! I had the pleasure and privilege to experience her 6 month Shamanic Reiki training, and I say without hesitation this was a life-changing experience. Izzy shares her own experience and expertise as a Priestess and Reiki Practitioner and adds to this a deep Shamanic practice that allows you to experience Reiki healing on a level that few Reiki instructors can. Her classes are thorough, and her approach is compassionate. The friendships and Soul connections I have from the course will last me a lifetime. To this I will add, Izzy's individual Reiki sessions are amazing. She is a gifted and intuitive Facilitator of Energy healing, and I can't say enough great things about her work!



"A session with Izzy can change your day, your outlook and even your life. You never know what will come up. A chakra that needs clearing, a cord that needs severed, a past life regression, soul retrieval or a piece of someone else that you've acquired without knowing it. Izzy is amazing in her "sight" and will guard and guide you through all things.  Her approach is peaceful and grounding.  You can feel her love and the beautiful energy with which she does her work.  Her Shamanic abilities are incredibly in touch with this world and others.  I assure you that you will not regret a session with Izzy.  Transformation and healing is the name of the game and Izzy is it's master."



"I started working with Izzy about a year and a half ago and lemme tell you, her Reiki is on ninja level. In that time, her work has helped me through several difficult situations, particularly a miscarriage and marital challenges. The work we do in session complements the other self-care work I do, particularly what I'm working on in talk therapy. The Reiki helps with the subconscious aspect of my growth process. After our sessions, I always feel more connected to my true self, less afraid of the unexpected turns of life and overall more at peace."