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Guardian Magic Part 1: Available for Purchase

Many of us are being called to be of service or becoming increasingly sensitive to the energy of the others and the effects current events. We are being called upon to guard, to be of service, to go into places we have never been before, to stand up in places we haven’t stood up in before. Right now the energy that we are encountering is more intense than many of us have seen before. Here in this world people are fighting for their lives, fighting for the right to be equal, and fighting for the right to be safe. The battle for sovereignty is affecting us all. What happens in the physical world also happens energetically and spiritually. The events in the world are having an effect on the balance of energy within and around us and they are being mirrored in the world of spirit.

In this course we will begin at the beginning, learning to build a relationship with the land and elements that will support you as you learn how to protect yourself and interact with the energy of others around you.

Registration Details:

Class Fee: $25.00

This class is available for purchase. Video, audio, and presentation files are included for you to download and keep.