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Accepting Darkness: Online Class Series

Embracing Darkness Class Series: A journey of transformation through your own darkness guided by the principles of a devotional practice to the Morrigan.

This is a four-part class series that will guide you from the threshold of where light and darkness meet into the shadows of your own beliefs to find the truth of who you are. This series will culminate with a class to learn about the Morrigan and how to work with Her to channel the self-empowering gifts of darkness.

Class listings:

· Accepting Darkness: Understanding the Balance Within - April 25th - Accepting that darkness is a very real part of you and your spiritual work. It is an essential part of healing, empowerment, and balance.

· Confronting Darkness: Meeting the Shadow Within - May 30th - Confronting the beliefs and experiences that define who you are and motivate you day to day.

· Embracing Darkness: Becoming the Warrior Within - June 27th - Embracing your inner warrior, finding your inner strength, knowing the values that define the truth of who you are.

· Channeling Darkness: Finding the Morrigan Within - July 25th - Find Her in the Dark places inside of you, in your heart, in your mind, in the spaces between each breath you take, and learning what she has to share with you.

Each class will be presented online. Video, audio, and presentation files will be available after the class for you to download. The fee for each class is $35.00 or you can purchase all four classes for $105.00. Payment options are provided on the ticket page.

There will be three scholarship places available for each class on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested please send an email to Please note that the scholarship places for the first class, Accepting Darkness, are full.

Payment Options