Why do you do what you do? 


Guardian Tree

Creating a strong foundation begins with your connection to the land. Picture taken in Wimberely, Tx.

The Guardian Method was created because I know pain. I know shame and I know insanity. I also know healing, happiness and serenity. I was raised in an extremely religious family.  I experienced physical and mental abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to love and care for me. At the age of 14, I turned to drugs for comfort and quickly became addicted. I did not find my way to recovery until I was almost 30 years old. At the time of this writing, I have marked a milestone of 10 years clean from all mind-and-mood altering substances. I share this part of my story because I know that I am not alone. Many of you have a similar story.  I share this because I believe that we can recover, that we can heal, and that we can be happy.  

I didn’t just arrive at happiness though. It didn’t simply happen just because I wanted it to. Even when I found serenity and balance, the journey wasn’t over. I had to work for it. I had to stay committed to discipline. I had to remain dedicated and determined. When I did heal and find happiness, I had to maintain it. 

We have to work for change and embrace the work that precedes growth. We can’t just wish to feel better and then feel better. If we could we wouldn’t be here, right? If we don’t nurture and cultivate happiness and healing, we won’t be able to maintain it.  Not only that, we could achieve the happiest state of being today and experience something intense and painful again tomorrow. We have to be sure that the foundation we build will hold us as life happens to us and all around us. Enlightenment and growth does not stop the world from spinning. 

I believe in systems, routines, processes. I am not here to make guarantees that you will take these classes and that you’ll be “healed”, never experiencing hardship or pain again. I am here to give you a step-by-step method for building and maintaining a solid foundation. I am here to help you find that center stable point within yourself, a center point that you can return to anytime that you need it.  

“I knew little about Reiki when I decided to take the Guardian Reiki class but several life events led me to Izzy's class and I felt compelled to learn more. To say that the class changed me is an understatement. People in my family, in my daily life, recognized that I was different from the first attunement. Reiki has opened my eyes and many doors to a healing that I didn't know existed. With the knowledge I received from these classes, I not only got to begin a new healing journey for myself but I get to continue that path and share it with others. I left the series confident in my ability to use Reiki on myself and clients, and that confidence only grows as I continue to use the Reiki and study. I completely recommend these classes to anyone who is curious about Reiki or wants to further their own personal practice.” - Magan

The Guardian Method     

The Guardian Method is a healing system for building, sustaining, and developing a deeper connection to a strong physical and energetic foundation. It is a lifestyle, a daily practice, a spiritual martial art. The key components of the Guardian Method consist of building a reciprocal relationship with the land that you live on, learning energetic safety, sustaining the ritual of daily practice, and embracing the energy of our own soul wounding.   

I believe that as healers we are also guardians. We are tasked with guarding the energy, and sometimes the soul, of anyone that we offer our services to. We owe it to ourselves and to those we serve to provide them with a calm, compassionate, safe space in which to heal. We have a responsibility to create and maintain safe spaces and that responsibility begins with our own healing. 

Before we can begin creating safe space for others, we must first learn how to create it for ourselves. In order to remain compassionate, centered, and grounded, we must first build a strong foundation within and around ourselves. We must also commit to the path we have chosen by building a consistent practice. The strength of what we provide to others will only be as strong as what we provide to ourselves. That strength and the accompanying stability comes from commitment and consistency, discipline, and determination. Yes, that may sound like a lot of work. It may be intimidating, but that is what we are here for.  As guardians, we are warriors and must train like we are preparing for battle.  Make no mistake - someone is fighting a battle even if we are not. The well-being of others depends on our ability to be prepared and that ability is directly related to how we have built our own personal practice. 

The Guardian Method, begins at the beginning. You will learn the basics of energetic movement and energetic safety, as well as techniques for daily practice that cleanse and strengthen your energy body. As your energy body becomes stronger, your physical and mental body will also become stronger. Along the way you will be introduced to exercises that teach you how to interpret the flow of energy in your body and how to receive messages from the spirit world. You will learn how to build a relationship with the land that you live on and the cycle of the seasons to create a deeper connection to the world around you. This part of the process is essential for maintaining stable, supported energy. You will learn how to build and maintain boundaries mentally, energetically, physically, and spiritually. You will learn how to work with those boundaries to create safe spaces (I like to refer to them as containers) for yourself and others. As you continue through the process you will also receive a very important tool, Reiki. You will learn how to practice Reiki as a martial art. In this system, Reiki serves to create calm, safe, stable and compassionate energy inside of you and all around you. It is your support system as you do deeper work such as soul retrieval and removing energetic attachments. 


Stones and Bones

Ancient standing stones marking the boundary of this sacred space. Picture taken at Cashel Keelty, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

In the Guardian Method you will also learn about the energy of trauma, how it creates soul wounds and soul loss, and how to provide trauma informed care to others. The Feileacan Trauma Release Technique is an advanced method for guiding others to engage with the energy of their trauma and help them retrieve missing pieces of themselves or rewrite limiting beliefs that create harmful coping mechanisms.

The Guardian Method also includes a Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship and Reiki Teacher Training. The apprenticeship and the training are designed to teach practitioners how to create safe spaces for their students and to help them build meaningful and concise course content.  

Courses Included in the Guardian Method

Energetic Safety Techniques

Many of us are being called to be of service or becoming increasingly sensitive to the energy of the others and the effects current events.  Learn how to recognize unhealthy and harmful energy and how to use the elements to protect yourself and others on a day to day basis.  

In this course you will learn how to: create energetic safe space for yourself and others, recognize harmful and unhealthy interactions, be of service to others without harming your own energy, ground, shield, and cleanse your energy, and how to contain and calm energy in stressful situations. 

This course is currently provided as an online class and can be found at If you would like to host this class as a four hour in person class, please contact me at 

“I have taken both the Guardian Method of Reiki Healing Intensive Training Course and the Feileacan Trauma Release Training Class with Izzy. She is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Izzy provides lots of great information and her teaching of all that information, as well as skills and practices, is very effective and enjoyable. The Reiki training quite literally changed my life. My ability to meditate and journey deeply was strengthened by my experiences in class. My spiritual life and practices have deepened and continued to grow from ongoing practice of Reiki and journeying after the class. The Feileacan Trauma Release class was mind-blowing and the experience is beyond my ability with words to describe. I’m very grateful to have found Izzy and taken classes with her. I look forward to my next opportunity to learn from her. She is an absolutely fabulous mentor and takes time to help students long after the classes are over. I highly recommend taking any of Izzy’s classes. Just do it and you’ll be glad you did.” - Charity

Reiki Intensive Training Course


Learn a method of Reiki healing designed to help you build a strong and safe personal practice that is supported by Reiki and the energy of the natural world around us.

In this hands-on, intensive training course you will learn to develop your own unique healing gift by understanding how it works within your body. You will learn to work with your own intuitive guidance to safely and responsibly engage with the energy of others and you will learn how to communicate with the spirit world and the land we live on. You will also understand the fundamentals of Reiki practice and receive Reiki attunements up to the Master level. The Energetic Safety Techniques Class is included in this course.

This course is open to any person who is interested in learning about Reiki and how to safely interact with the energy of others. The class will meet once a month for six months. In the second and fifth month we will be meeting on a Saturday and Sunday. Every other month will be just a Saturday. Please visit for information on the current course listing.

“I was blessed enough to be Izzy’s student teacher for her Reiki Masters program and I honestly have to say that it really took me up to the next level. There is so much to learn when you’re going through the classes and being able to go back through as the teacher’s apprentice really helps bring it home and cement it. Not only do I feel more confident in my Reiki skills and my daily practice, but I now feel more comfortable moving toward teaching Reiki and doing attunements. Izzy is a really good teacher and I have learned so much from her. I have taken probably every class that she has to offer. I really can’t speak her accolades enough.” - Sarita 

Master Teacher Apprenticeship 

The Master Teacher Apprenticeship is a volunteer position offered to any student who has completed the six-month Reiki training course with me. It is an opportunity for you to not only learn how to teach Reiki, but to also improve your personal practice. In addition to being of service to the new student, you will gain a deeper experience of Reiki as a daily life practice.  By participating in the course as both a student and a mentor, you will be fine tuning your skills as a Reiki Master.   

Your work will include helping to set-up and take down the room on the day of class, as well as some administrative tasks as needed. You will be assisting in giving attunements and you will also be required to teach one topic of your choice relating to Reiki or a relevant healing practice. You will also serve as a mentor or guidepost for those who are new to the work.  At the end of the six months you will receive certification for completing the Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship.  

Details for the apprenticeship are provided to students before the start of each year’s course.  

Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™ Training   


The Feileacan Trauma Release Technique utilizes multiple modalities to release the energy of trauma from the body. The technique combines Reiki, trauma informed practices, mindfulness, guided meditation, the principles of somatic therapy, and additional techniques to empower each individual's healing process and ensure the safety of the client. The practitioner guides a person to release trauma in the body by connecting with physical imbalance and discomfort, acknowledging intense emotions and limiting beliefs, and retrieving and integrating lost or broken pieces of the soul. Check out this short video for more information about the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique:


Liminal Spaces

The work of healing the soul often occurs in the spaces between. Picture taken at Grange Stone Circle, the oldest stone circle in Ireland, Co. Limerick.

This class is designed to teach you how to interact with the energy of trauma and soul wounds. You will learn advanced techniques for protecting yourself and others; how to recognize trauma and soul wounding; and the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique for healing for soul wounds and guiding souls to safety. Techniques learned in this class are well-suited for working with individuals experiencing the effects of trauma, PTSD, and addiction. 

In this four-day course you will also learn: trauma informed techniques for energy work, how to provide healing for the effects of trauma and PTSD, how to work with spirit allies to help others heal, how to find and create safe spaces in the spirit world, and safe procedures for soul healing and soul retrieval.

This class is advanced and an application is required. Much of the work we do occurs in deep state of meditation and in the otherworld.  Therefore, precautions for your safety are required. You do not have to be a Reiki Master to take this class.  However, you will need to have a developed self-care practice.  You will also need to have hands-on experience in a healing modality or wellness practice (e.g. acupuncture, Reiki, psychotherapy, counseling, EMDR, somatic therapy, massage therapy, pranic healing, etc.) Ideal candidates will have had a steady healing practice of at least a year. Guided learning with mentorship or feedback is preferred. Please visit for information on the current course listing.  

“The master teacher apprenticeship with Izzy was a wonderful experience. It gave me an opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Reiki and fine tune and practice my skills. It also gave me an appreciation to see all the time, effort and details that goes in to teaching a class. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship to anyone wanting to take their practice to the next level.” - Tierney 

Reiki Teacher Training 

As teachers, we have a responsibility to protect our students and to provide them with thorough resources to develop their relationship with Reiki. This course is designed to teach you a comprehensive system for providing the teachings of Reiki to your students. The main focus of this work is how to convey the fundamentals of Reiki while also providing safe space and mentorship for your students. 

In this two-day course you will learn: how to prepare for and provide Reiki attunements, how to create exercises for developing intuitive abilities, how to develop a curriculum and class modules. You will also come to understand the essential components to teach at each level of Reiki and the importance of creating safe spaces and how to create them.  

Please visit for details on the current course listing.