What are Sacred Keys?

Sacred Keys are incenses, oils, and sprays that can be used to help you develop a personal energetic practice and to help you build a connection to divine guidance. At Sacred Keys, we sincerely believe that it is essential to develop a daily practice of self-care that is energetically aligned with the elements and the unseen world around us. We have a lifetime of experience building a relationship with nature and the otherworld. We feel compelled to create energetically aligned, natural products for you to use to maintain balance as you journey through personal transformation. Our products are well-suited for devotional practice and self-development.

We take the time to carefully select quality herbs, oils, and crystals for their specific energetic associations and then we spend time with them to develop the intended purpose of the product. We then craft the Sacred Key in alignment with the cycle of the moon and seasons that is most appropriate for the energy of the product. We are inspired to create products based on the needs of others. We do make custom order incenses, oils, sprays, and even moon flower essences. If there is something you would like us to make and you don't see it in our store send a message to Izzy@transformationreiki.com and we will do our best to meet your needs.