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Energetic Safety Techniques

Many of us are called to be of service or becoming increasingly sensitive to the energy of others and the effects of current events around us. Learn how to use the energy of the Earth and the space around you to protect yourself and safely interact with the energy other people.

In this course you will learn how to: Create energetic safe space for yourself and others, recognize harmful and unhealthy interactions, be of service to others without harming your own energy, ground, shield, and cleanse your energy, contain and calm energy in stressful situations, and much more

Class Fee: $35.00


Chakra Basics

Deepen your understanding of the body’s main energy centers. Learn how to integrate knowledge of the chakras with your Reiki practice, healing journey, and spiritual path.

In this class you will learn: to identify the energy of the 7 major chakras, how to recognize balanced and imbalanced characteristics of each chakra, and understand energy disturbances that affect the chakras. You will also learn cleansing techniques to support daily practice. A guided journey will be included as a part of this class.

Class Fee: $30.00


Energetic Anatomy: 

The bones, organs, and systems of the body hold emotions and energy. We can learn to recognize imbalance and develop practices for healing through and understanding of the energetic anatomy of the body. 

In this class you will learn to identify the emotions associated with various body parts, how the systems of the body regulate the flow of energy, and techniques for restoring energetic balance. A guided journey will be included as a part of this class.

Class Fee: $30.00  

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The Business of Reiki

Some of the most commons questions I receive as a Reiki Master are about how to start and maintain a successful Reiki practice. I always respond by saying you have to run your practice as a business. In this class we will discuss the fundamental components of having a professional healing practice. This class is open to all practitioners, not just Reiki Masters.

In this class you will learn: The beginning steps for starting a business, tools you will need to maintain your business, and techniques for blending the spiritual aspects of your healing work with the practical applications of running a business. A guided journey will also be included as a part of this class.

Class Fee: $30.00


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The Warrior's Path

Embarking on the journey of self-development and healing requires discipline, dedication, courage, and mental fortitude. The Warrior’s Path is a spiritual martial art form that creates a foundation and provides support for spiritual, mental,energetic, and physical stability. In this class you will learn a system of daily practices designed to maintain your balance and well-being.

Class Fee: $35.00

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Boundary Magic

Creating and maintain strong boundaries helps us to protect ourselves from imbalance and overwhelm. Strong boundaries are important for everyone to have and they are essential for anyone who is energetically sensitive or empathic.

In this class you will learn how to maintain personal boundaries in daily living, how to build safe boundaries around your home and safe place, how to create and strengthen the boundaries of your inner landscape, and how to build boundaries around yourself as you are working in the spirit world. 

Class Fee: $40.00



Fundamentals of Journey Work

In this class you will learn a step-by-step process for taking a safe journey into the world of spirit. You will learn the importance of each step and how to build your own safe journey practice. This class will include a guided journey to meet your guardian and there will be time for discussion afterwards. 

Class Fee: $25.00

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Sacred Cycles: Wheel of the Year

The foundation of a strong energetic practice begins with your relationship to the elements and the natural world around you. Understanding the cycles of seasons and the wheel of the year will help to bring your body into alignment with the rhythm of the land you live on.

In this class you will learn about the cycle of seasons and how each affects us. You will learn how to observe changes in the natural world around you and how to align your energy with the wheel of the year to begin building a strong personal practice. You will also learn how to work with the elemental and the seasonal cycle to create safe and sacred space around you.

Class Fee: $35.00