Divine Love and Transformation.


My wish for every person is that they find and heal their broken pieces. It is my hope that they begin to love themselves, even the broken parts, as the whole complete beings they are meant to be. 


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February 17th 2018 - July 17th 2018

In this hands-on, intensive training course you will learn to develop your own unique healing gift by understanding how it works within your body. You will learn to work with your own intuitive guidance to safely and responsibly engage with the energy of others and you will learn how to communicate with the spirit world and the land we live on. You will also understand the fundamentals of Reiki practice and receive Reiki attunements up to the Master level. 

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Reiki and Soul Healing

Learn more about soul healing, the practice of Reiki, and how both can help the healing process.

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   Soul Guide and Reiki Master Izzy Swanson explains her healing journey.

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