Divine Love and Transformation.


My wish for every person is that they find and heal their broken pieces. It is my hope that they begin to love themselves, even the broken parts, as the whole complete beings they are meant to be. 




Over the past year I have been learning from concerned friends and members of my community about the problematic effects of use of the terms Shaman and Shamanic for both my personal practice and my professional Reiki practice at Feileacan Ministry. I have learned that by using these terms I could be causing harm or hurt to Indigenous peoples and minority groups.

I spent the past year reading resources and listening to minority voices about how cultural appropriation and colonization has had and continues to have a negative impact on their lives, culture, and heritage. I processed with people on both sides of the discussion and connected and consulted with my guides and allies. In light of the information I learned regarding the cultural appropriation of the word shaman I have ultimately decided that at the end of the day my primary calling is to be a healer and to heal, which I can not do if the labels I use to deliver healing work cause harm. I believe that the use of the word shaman outside of its cultural context is indeed harmful and as such I will be removing the term shaman and related terms from my practice moving forward. I deeply apologize for any harm I have caused using these terms and hope to do better going forward.

All references to shamans and shamanic practice will be removed from my broad catalog of websites, offerings and training materials.  While I would love to snap my fingers and have the terms removed yesterday, realistically, re-branding and editing at least five years of work is going to take time, finances and other limited resources. We appreciate your patience as we make this switch over the next few months.

The work that I do will remain essentially the same. Over the past few years and through my work with my Goddess and guides it is clear to me that my work in the world is to guide souls through healing and transformation, whether they be present here in the physical world or exist in the world of spirit. My current professional and personal practice reflects this and that will not change. Over the next few months I will endeavor to create and use terms that are unique to the work I do, making it personal, and considering the needs of the greater good. Current and past students, I will be in touch soon to offer suggestions and to process this new information and decide together how to best move forward

I want to thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to read this. I want to thank those that have expressed their concerns to me and have been willing to enter into dialog about this matter. I want to thank the team I have that is helping me to implement and move forward with this change. Once again, I apologize for my insensitivity in using the word shaman and it’s related terms.  Moving forward please know you may reach out to me regarding this or any other matter close to your heart.

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