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Reiki Session

My goal is to create a safe space of comfort and healing so that it is easy to trust, relax, and rest. When the physical body is comfortable the energy body will be open to receiving the nurturing support of Reiki.  For your session you will lie on a warm table, fully clothed, and covered by a blanket.  I will place my hands on your shoulders, head, and feet to channel Reiki through your body.  You may feel a sense of pushing or pulling from my hands and you may also feel like you are floating. There will be time for discussion before and after your time on the table.

Your session will vary depending on your needs. While you are receiving Reiki you may also experience soul retrieval, the removal of harmful attachments and the release of traumatic energy.  

60 Minute Session: $90 | 90 Minute Session: $140


Receive the benefits of Reiki anywhere!

When a Reiki practitioner is attuned to the second degree of Reiki they are taught how to send Reiki across time and space. Using Reiki energy, the practitioner can create a connection between themselves and the person that desires healing. This type of healing is ideal for someone who may not be able to come in person for a hands-on session. Distance healing can be given no matter how far apart the practitioner and the recipient are from each other.  

During a distance healing session your experience will be similar to what you would experience in person.  You will be able to rest comfortably within your own space as you receive Reiki. You may feel the movement of energy around you or you may transition into a state of meditation. There will be time for discussion at the beginning and end of your session.

          60 Minute Session: $90

Energetic Guidance Session

Every individual is unique and so is your personal practice. You may have questions about energy or your spiritual path that are personal. You may need guidance to understand the subtle details of a specific situations or you may just be at the beginning of your spiritual path. I have 7+years of experience as a professional Reiki Master, a lifetime of knowledge about the movement of energy, and a unique understanding of the energy of trauma. I am available to provide energetic and spiritual guidance for all levels of practitioners from beginners to professionals.

During am energetic guidance session, we will work together to guide you to an understanding of the energetic and spiritual principals surrounding your current needs. This session can be conducted over the phone or via the internet.

          30 Minute Session: $50

Drum Journey Session

In many spiritual traditions sustained rhythmic drumming is used to induce a trance-like state of awareness. In this meditative state, the soul guide or practitioner journeys into the world of spirit to receive wisdom and guidance from their guides. The drum journey can be used to work through emotional trauma, to visit loved ones that have passed on, and to gain insight into difficult situations in your life.

In a journey session, we will work together in safe and sacred space. Together we will craft a focused intention and I will create a rhythmic pattern with my drum to escort you into the spirit world to communicate with your guides and mine. Our goal will be to receive insight about the course of action that is necessary to facilitate the healing that you desire. I will be with you to guide you, to guard you, and to monitor your progress through your experience.

In this session we will be sitting together face to face  and your session will vary depending on your needs. It may include more than one journey and it may include various healing work such as soul retrieval, the removal of harmful attachments, the release of traumatic energy, and Reiki. There will be time for discussion before and after the journey. 

   90 Minute Session: $140

Individual Reiki Instruction

Individual Reiki instruction is personalized and self-paced. It is ideal for students that may not be able to participate in structured classes. Individual instruction focuses on helping you to understand your unique healing gifts and how to work with your own intuitive guidance. It also focuses on teaching you how to use Reiki to connect with the natural world around you to craft safe energetic practices. Please contact me at 512-573-0618 or to set up a free consultation.

I also offer a six month course taught in a group setting once a year. Please visit the events page for more information about the Guardian Method of Reiki Healing Course.


Learn about energetic safety and awareness. The Guardian School is an easy to use, self-paced online classroom providing you with tools to maintain a safe, stable, and strong lifestyle. Video, audio, and presentation files are available for you to access and work through on your own time. Course offerings include: Energetic Safety Techniques, Energetic Anatomy, Gentle Practices for Chaotic Times, The Business of Reiki, Fundamentals of Journey Work and much more! Access the Guardian School by following this link:

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